Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hey - look what I got!


Living in a home with an almost teenage boy, never makes one feel witty.

My 2 & 5 yr. olds sometimes laugh "at me" but definitely not "with me".

My significant other has heard all of my jokes and doesn't usually find my recollections of the day amusing.

These are just 3 reasons why this award means SO much more to me!

Thank you Priscilla! It means more than you could possibly know :)

Keep Smiling!


  1. I totally get what your saying! My just turned 13 year old daughter thinks I am such a dork! I think my husband probably does too but luckily the little one's still think mom is pretty funny and cool. For now!

  2. You are soooooo welcome Sonya...Like the awards says...you really do CRACK ME UP!!! my family thinks I have gone a little nutty when ever I open up one of your emails...thank you for making me LAUGH OUT LOUD!! :)

  3. Congrats Sonya on your award!!Love your blog!

  4. Congrats Sonya! I have a teenager who feels this way about me! :) Congrats on your award! Keep up the good sense of humor!

  5. My teens don't think I'm funny either!! But really, I am! Honest! Congrats Sonya!

  6. You're doing a really great job of holding it all together considering the new job. We so appreciate how you make us laugh - Much deserved award, Sonya!

  7. Congrats Sonya!!! You really did create a most incredible card!! It was out of this world!!! Enjoy your winnings and keep up your beautiful creativity!!!!

  8. You are a riot Sonya, thanks for making everyones day a little brighter. PS. - No one in my house appreciates my sense of humor either!

  9. You deserve another award, come See! BR-T


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