Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Taking Easter pics with 3 boys

New polo shirts, combed hair, clean faces . . . we made it that far. The beautiful Riverwalk in historic downtown Conway seemed like a nice backdrop. So now what? Just smile and we're done . . . right?!?! I'm sure most of you moms know, this is no easy task! I managed a portrait studio for several years, taking hundreds of family/baby photos, so I have a little practice and it's still hard!! Anyway, here's my shortened version of our photo shoot -

Darn! Hands in face & a scrunched nose

Oops! Tongue sticking out

Shucks! Not looking at the camera

Ooh Ooh Ooh! Almost had it

Whew! I think this one will have to do HAPPY EASTER!

We're outta here!

I actually took 35 photos to get just one. I probably would've taken more if it wasn't getting cool, kids weren't hungry and Dad wasn't complaining so much!
What are some of your Easter traditions?

Keep Smiling! ~ Sonya


  1. Love your easter photo shoot. What a great looking family. I use to do a lot of photograph..It is another one of my fun pass times..I know what you mean about taking tons of pictures to get one good one. Well, I have only been doing the Easter thing for a couple of hears now, but my kids are at such a cute age (2 and just turned 3) and the Easter Egg Hunt is always a good tradition to start right? Happy Easter to you and your family.

  2. Your children are beautiful Sonya. :)

  3. Love the one of them walking away in the sunset! Very cool!

  4. I like the one of them walking away too. You're a quick-thinkin' Mom to take one like that. That little guy is just so adorable! Happy Easter to you all!


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